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Yana Arkhipova | Digital Marketing Professional | Social Media Expert

Hi! I’m Yana and I love digital marketing, design and content creation! I have been working as a digital marketing professional for the last 7 years and remotely for the last 4.

I've worked for companies in Thailand, Canada, Spain, Vietnam and Russia. I have worked with startups and big companies from restaurants and yoga products to sanitizing products manufacturers, online schools and more.

It might sound impossible, but I can do almost everything: marketing strategy, website creation, comprehensive social media management, content creation, email marketing, Amazon/Shopify management, Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/TikTok/Amazon/Google advertising, etc.

If I can't do something, I can perfectly manage it working in a team. I'm crazy about organizing everything. I think this quality helps me perfectly manage my remote work.

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Social Media Marketing Executive at Medical and Dental Departures
Digital Marketing Executive at EnviroServe Chemicals & Cleaners
Digital Marketing Specialist at Royal Phuket Marina
Social Media Executive at Design Club School
Social Media Marketing Specialist at some projects
Rocork Yoga, Kerasys, MIDO, personal blogs
Marketing Executive at VitoFarm Asia
Marketing Specialist at SRP Group
Social Media Executive at Business Booster
Internet Marketer at Albatross Internet Group
Marketing Specialist at LC Group

Some of My Design & Content Production Works

Some of Areas of My Expertise
Comprehensive Social
Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
B2C, B2B Marketing
Brand Marketing
Google Ads
Amazon, Shopify Management
Adobe Photoshop, Canva
Graphic and Web Design
Digital Marketing Management
Facebook, Instagram Ads
LinkedIn, TikTok,
Pinterest Ads
I'm looking to join a company that...
has a fully remote team and allows working from anywhere in the world, and putting 110% effort on results, not wasting time with commutes.
provides an environment rich with respect, creativity, collaboration, and experimentation.
believes in supporting and channeling the passions of people who bring individual perspectives to collective challenges, and that excellence comes from cross-pollination and collaboration.
Companies and Projects that I've worked with
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My Сertifications


47 days and 14 hours! Bad jokes aside, the answer is unfortunately dependent upon many variables. I realize 'it depends' is a wholly unsatisfactory answer, so let me give you some guidance based on my 7 years of experience in digital marketing:

1. Think of the first few months as a training program to get your social media accounts and online presence into shape before you start to invest significant funds in targeted advertising and really start competing in the market. If value isn’t a concern, you can just throw lots of money on targeted advertising right away and...

How long it takes

for your business to see results from social media