Case Study
MIDO is a Russian company that provides continuing education to people who want to change careers and work in oilfields. Earlier this (2020) year, MIDO was having difficulty finding new clients and decided to invest in social media marketing. Its initial results were disappointing so it sought out an expert to develop and manage its program. MIDO selected me to develop and manage its program in May of this year. Since that time, its results have improved dramatically.

Within just 5 weeks of being hired, I had increased the number of qualified leads generated by MIDO's social media accounts by over 70% even though it had yet to increase its advertising budget. Check out its Instagram account here: MIDO IG. MIDO saw the high ROMI it was getting on its investment in social media marketing and decided to increase its advertising budget significantly.

In the 3 months since it increased its budget, I have helped MIDO generate an average of 567 qualified leads per month, more than 7 times the number it was generating under its previous social media marketing manager. Further, the cost per lead is only $0,70, which is well below industry average.

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