What sort of niche will see the best results with your services?
I specialize more in social media marketing (Instagram and Facebook) for online product-based small businesses and businesses that provide tangible services, like beauty salons, restaurants and more.
On a monthly basis, what sort of results will people see with your service?
The results clients can expect while working with me vary depending on which service they choose.

For Social Media Marketing Strategy creation, results depend on whether or not my client chooses to implement the strategy. If they focus on the goals I set for them and follow the strategies shared, they can expect to see increases in their engagement, followers, reach, clicks to their website and leads month over month. Not to mention, they’re able to focus their energy on other things because they have a ready-to-implement plan for Social Media Channels made for them and me - a specialist who is ready to realize this plan.

For Comprehensive Social Media Management, my clients typically see steady increases in followers (2-10% increase per month on average), reach, clicks to their website with a cost per click below the market average and more qualified leads. Above all, the majority of my clients thank me for the freedom they feel while I super organized manage their pages! Because of this service, business owners are able to focus on why they started their business in the first place, without sacrificing time and effort trying to market online by themselves.

A significant plus that my clients note is that regardless of the service that you purchase from me, you always get recommendations for marketing in general, since I have a wealth of experience not only in social media marketing. If you already have a marketing team, then I help make it more effective, or I can even put together such a team.

What I always tell my clients to keep in mind is that digital marketing for business is a marathon, not a sprint. My services provide steady growth and focus on converting followers into customers. I don’t work with businesses who expect overnight success. Building long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty is paramount to building trust with potential customers and that takes time. At the end of the day, if you’re using social media to grow your business, the amount of followers you have means nothing unless those followers turn into customers.
Once a business owner decides to work with you, what do you need from them to maximize the effectiveness of your service?
Once a new client decided to hire me for marketing management, I sent over an invoice for the first month of service and a 3 months contract that outlines the services we agreed upon. I also send over an in-depth brand questionnaire, which includes questions about their business, goals, dream customers, and more. I always encourage my clients to provide as much detail as possible during this step because the information is used to drive content creation and engagement outreach. If then I need to clarify some information about the brand we have a call and dive deeply in a brand questionnaire.

Aside from that, I also request login information for their social media pages and create a Google Album for them to upload images. For Content or Social Media Marketing Management, I use images my clients provide, user-generated images, and royalty-free stock images to create the content plan.

The Content Production, Comprehensive Social Media Management or Go Online plan can be purchased directly on my website. Once purchased, my client will receive an email with more details about the process, a brand questionnaire, and their next steps.

What would you say to a business owner who’s unsure about taking the step to work with you?
If you are not sure about to start working with me or not, I encourage you to have a free online consultation with me. It's a call via Google Meet where you can ask me any questions you may have.

Arkhipushka.com was born out of my obsession with Social Media Marketing and my desire to help small business owners organize online marketing processes and successfully sell their products and services, build an engaged online community, and grow their business.

My experience working at several agencies before taking the leap into self-employment helped open my eyes to an industry that many agencies provide marketing services for small businesses using newbies in the field of marketing, from which they can make a profit. Which usually means a poor result for small business owners.

I want to do only quality work and provide the best results. That's why my marketing services are personalized to each of my clients. I get to work with incredible small business owners who trust me to help them make their businesses grow.

What makes your service better than others out there?
There are plenty of social media managers out there, but (as cliche as it sounds) there’s only one me who is crazy about marketing, content making and seeing clients' business growing with my help. While many agencies promise their clients “thousands of new followers a month," I promise my followers quality content, genuine engagement, and steady growth.

The thing is, any company that promises a specific number of followers for their client is most likely purchasing fake followers and using techniques that go against Instagram's terms and conditions.

I never buy followers, likes, or comments for your business. This type of business model produces one-size-fits all service, lackluster quality, and disappointing results. I care too much about your success to do that.

I work alongside your business to better understand your needs and goals. I take the information you share, and the market research I conduct, to create content unique to your business that speaks directly to your target audience. I embody your business’s mission and personality while genuinely engaging with potential customers and responding to any comments or direct messages on your posts to ensure your audience knows there’s a real person behind your account.

Something my clients love is the fact that they never have to wonder what I'm up to with their account. I create a monthly content calendar that outlines exactly what will be posted and when, then send it off for their approval / edits before scheduling anything. At the end of each month, I provide an analytics report that outlines how their account is growing and details about what's working and what needs tweaking. Plus I provide my hypotheses about marketing actions in general that need tweaking. Between these two things, my clients have full visibility before and after in the management process.

How are the first steps of work exactly going?
1. We'll schedule a free consultation where we'll determine your Social media marketing needs and see if we're a good fit to work together.

2. If you're ready to work with me, I'll send over a questionnaire for you to fill out after payment is received and our service contract is signed. Don't worry — this questionnaire is super easy to complete and will help give me deeper insight into your business.

3. Once the questionnaire is completed, we might have one more call to dive deeply in this file. Then I'll get to work developing your Social Media Marketing or Content or Full Online strategy and goals.

4. Once strategy is ready. It takes 1-3 weeks. You'll look these over and approve before the strategy is going to be implemented.

5. After you supply me with images and videos, I'll create the month's content calendar and send it off to you for final approval. Once it's approved, the content will be scheduled and daily account management will begin.

6. At month's end, I'll send over an analytics report that outlines key metrics based on your business goals.
If you'd like, we'll schedule a monthly call to go over the report, discuss any tweaks we'll make to your strategy (if necessary), and answer any questions you may have.
How does the payment process work?
You’ll be emailed a monthly invoice on a predetermined date that can be paid easily and securely by debit card, credit card, or check.
Is there a minimum contract commitment?
Yes, account management requires a minimum contract length of three months. The first month always is for creating a strategy, second month testing hypotheses and collecting data, from the third month we usually start seeing planned results. After three months, we continue account management on a month-to-month basis..
Do I need to supply my own photos/videos?
Yes. Because most social media are highly visual platforms, I recommend that all my clients plan to provide high-quality photos and videos or hire a photographer/videographer before beginning the account management service. I always make a file with instructions for photographers/videographers and help my clients to find such people in their city.

For clients who sell products I also provide content making services. You can just send me your products and get quality photos and creative videos for your social media and website.
What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?
If you have the resources and the time, but need a plan, I’ve got you covered. The Social Media Marketing Strategy is designed for businesses that need a bit of guidance and direction when it comes marketing themselves on Social Media. We’ll work together to create a plan tailored for your business that outlines personalized goals, strategies, and best practices, so you can stop wondering what's working and what's not.

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy includes:
A complete plan that outlines exactly how to market your business on Social Media to achieve your goals, connect with your ideal audience, and convert them into paying customers.

A set of specific, personalized goals to drive your strategy and measure success.

A customized content strategy outlining what to post, when to post, as well as how to increase engagement and use hashtags effectively.

Advertisement plan (include instructions for special dates for your business to promote).

Influence marketing guide.

Detailed information about which numbers to track and how, so you’re always in the know about what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.

Personalized consultation. Then once your strategy is completed, I'll email it to you and then we have a call to answer any related questions you may have.

This service is perfect for you if...
You have the time to run your business’ social media accounts, but need a little bit of direction and guidance.

You aren’t ready to hire a social media manager (yet!), but understand the importance of social media promotion for your business.

You’re confident in your content, but need to increase your brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

What is Comprehensive Social Media Management?
So you created a social media account and share posts occasionally, but it’s not your favorite part of owning a business and you really don’t have the time to spend on growing your account and marketing your business. Worst of all, your hard work and time spent isn’t increasing your sales or brand awareness, and your content doesn’t seem to be resonating with your audience.

For example, with 1 billion monthly active users and the most engaged social media audience, Instagram is one the most popular social media channels exactly where your potential customers are spending their time. You want to reach them, connect with them, and convert them into paying customers, but owning a business is already a full-time job.

Here’s the good news: you can watch your sales, brand awareness, and community grow while continuing to run your business and do what you love.

That’s where I come in.

The Comprehensive Social Media Management package offers worry-free management of your Social media accounts. I’ll build a community with your followers, promote your products and services, convert followers into loyal customers, and help grow your business in an organic connection with other business processes

Your Comprehensive Social Media Management includes:
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Content plan
Collect content from the client
Content curation
Design creatives for posts & stories
Delayed posting
Targeted Ads
Influence marketing
Community management
Direct mailing on IG
Monitor, optimize and maintain the routine operations
Monthly analytics report
24/7 professional customer service

This service is perfect for you if...
You’re doing all the things and are ready to outsource your Social Media management and get back to running your business.

Two podcasts, a blog, Google search, and your neighbor’s daughter who’s “really good with computers” just isn’t cutting it anymore.

You’re ready to work with a professional and get serious about growing your business and increasing your sales on Social Media.

What is “Content curation”?
Content curation describes the process of filtering through images you provide, user-generated content (images & graphics created by the public), content from photo stock and relevant articles to create a content calendar that speaks directly to your ideal customers and achieves your business goals.
What is Content Production Management?
You started promoting your business on social media, but you don't understand how to shoot attractive quality content about your products or services and you are not ready to constantly shoot photos and videos.

Here I come to help you! To free up time for you to do your business.

My clients who sell products usually send me their products and I prepare photo and video content for them every month.

For those who provide services (for example, fitness clubs, beauty salons, restaurants, etc.), I prepare a file with detailed instructions every month. With this file it takes only one 1-2 days to prepare all needed content enough for 2-3 months!

I always start with strategy and content creation is no exception. Content strategy plays one of the key roles in social media promotion, since most of them are visually highly oriented.

When the strategy is agreed then the monthly content production managing starts. I am preparing a file with instructions for the shooting content on your location and shoot content with products sent form you for a month in accordance with the plan of topics for publications provided.

After collecting all the content, I do Content curation.
Content curation describes the process of filtering through images you provide, user-generated content (images & graphics created by the public), content from photo stock and relevant topics to create a content calendar that speaks directly to your ideal customers and achieves your business goals.

Then I use editing software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc., to prepare final creatives.

As a result of the work I have done, the client receives ready-made, high-quality, attractive content for social networks every month in accordance with his content plan and strategy for marketing in social networks.

Your Content Production Management includes:
Content Strategy
Collect content from the client
Content curation
Design creatives for posts & stories
Delayed posting
Monitor, optimize and maintain the routine operations
24/7 professional customer service

What is the "Go online" package?
This service is perfect for you if...
You are just going to start promoting your business online and don't want to spend a ton of time trying to do it by yourself.

Your current online marketing processes do not provide desired results and you feel that it's needed to update the processes, make them effective for your business.

You want quality work to be done and ready to use experienced marketing specialist services for that, while you can focus on your business processes.

That’s where I come in and:
- develop or redevelop a website for you
- develop an email marketing system.
A system which collects potential customers' emails and then automatically launches a chain of trigger mails to convert a lead to a loyal customer.
- develop a social media marketing strategy.

As a result you have a ready for sales:
- website connected with analytic systems,
- social media marketing strategy ready to be implemented
- automated email marketing system,
- tons of your time saved.
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